This our Backpacker Honeymoon.

In 2015 we made some big decisions. We got engaged, quit our jobs, got married and left the UK to travel the world. This is our story. This is our Backpacker Honeymoon.

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sydney harbour

Meeting Mates in Sydney

Our stay in Sydney was short. Too short in fact. After our experience in Borneo, visiting friends in Australia was exactly what we were looking for. We had always intended to stay in Australia for around a month and travel the country, but having overstayed and over-spent in Asia 10 days in Sydney would be […]

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sunset on the kinabatangen river

Wild in Borneo

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a blog post and its is an age since we were actually in Borneo. A combination of lots of travelling, hectic days and friends distracting us in Guatemala has meant it’s been difficult to find the time to sit down and get something written. Anyway, after we left […]

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In The Philippines, They Put Grandma Up Front

Leaving the UK in October and getting to the Philippines in January seemed a lot further than four months away. There was so much travelling to do before then and the prospect of Laura coming out from home to visit us just didn’t seem like it would actually happen. Of course the time flew by […]

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impossibles beach

Bali Bali

I find it tough summarising our time with friends in a blog post. I thinks its because a huge amount of the enjoyment comes from just being with them rather than doing anything in particular. And that doesn’t really make for good reading. Bali, or as Amber prefers to call it ‘Bali Bali’ is is […]

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sunset over angkor wat

Is Angkor Wat worth it?

We take a lot of advice on where to go next. Guidebooks. Tripadvisor. Instagram. Facebook. Youtube. Forums. Reviews. People telling you about places “you just have to go to maaaan.” Long lists of places to visit. Tickboxes that prove you’ve been there. Queueing up for the same photo as everyone else. The photo you have […]

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monks in cambodia

Monks in Cambodia

It’s been pointed out to me that I keep talking to Julie about monks in Cambodia. Julie has even started calling me a monk-bore. The cheek of it. Apparently I keep banging on about them. I’ll point out Cambodian monks everywhere we go. Then before I know it I’m reaching for the camera to try […]

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The Dark and Light Sides of Phnom Penh

We’d only just got used to Vietnam, its customs, its currency and its way of life. So we thought we’d leave. Come on Cambodia, get in us. We made our way along the Mekong River (course we did), leaving Vietnam from the Mekong Delta town of Chau Doc by speedboat for a journey that lasted […]

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Dalat Easy Rider Tour

Easy Riders

The Easy Riders are a group of motorbike guides that are synonymous with Vietnam. The success of the group has spawned new groups, factions and conflict amongst the guide gangs. They each have their own territory and risk trouble if they try and tout for business outside of this. We are are talking Honda rather […]

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An intense 24 hours

We were in Dalat for one night. We enjoyed our time there but a couple of things happened that shaped our experience there.  Before I explain what and how let me first tell you about the city. It is known as the romantic city. Popular with Vietnamese honeymooners, set up in the mountains and surrounded […]

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Trains in Vietnam

Often the best way to see a country is to travel it by train. You see so much more of the landscape, the people and everyday life than you do if you were to travel by road or air. This is as true of the U.K. as it is anywhere else. Sri Lanka was amazing […]

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