November 2015


Trains in Vietnam

Often the best way to see a country is to travel it by train. You see so much more of the landscape, the people and everyday life than you do if you were to travel by road or air. This is as true of the U.K. as it is anywhere else. Sri Lanka was amazing […]

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Fishermen on An Bang beach - Backpacker Honeymoon

The An Bang Gang

This is a story about people rather than places. Unlike the chaos of Hanoi and the let down of Hue, Hoi An far exceeded expectations. Yes it’s a nice place, the town is pretty and the beach is great. But it was the people we met that shaped our experiences here. I’ll start at the […]

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Pagoda in Hue - Backpacker Honeymoon

Not what Hue’d expect

We had wanted to get the train. We’d enjoyed travelling by train in Sri Lanka so much and the prospect of an overnight train from Hanoi to Hue (pronounced “Hway” which I realise undermines my witty title pun immediately but I couldn’t resist) has far more romance than the bus. But it was sold out […]

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Hanoi & Halong Bay

The excess of Hong Kong was followed by the chaos of Hanoi. We arrived around 6pm at The Hanoi Old Centre Hotel, which as the name suggests is smack bang in the old quarter. As soon as we arrived we were able to buy a knock-off copy of Lonely Planet and Julie was particularly pleased! […]

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A tale of two Cities: Singapore & Hong Kong

We arrived in Singapore welcomed by a thick grey smog across the city. Apparently this happens every year, mostly for the month of October. It’s caused by Indonesian farmers burning crops and effects much of this part of South East Asia, Indonesia included. This year it is particularly bad and rather than lasting the usual […]

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