Places we’ve stayed

Not having a home for a year is a big deal.

 We are on our honeymoon but also on a budget. Where we stay next is a big topic of conversation for us and when we get it rights it’s brilliant. But when we get it wrong, it can be awful and dramatically affect how we perceive the area we have visited. From hostels &  hotels to home-stays, camp-sites and even boats every night we make these our new home.

In this section we review places  focusing on the key factors (out of 100) that are important to us:







We are forever using a mixture of TripAdvisor, booking website reviews and traveller recommendations to make our decisions but you just can’t account for other people’s tastes and even the best reviewed hotels can turn out to be complete dives.

Find out about the places we stayed, the places we loved and the places we hated.

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