Coconut Beach Bungalows

Coconut Beach Bungalows on Koh Rong

An isolated paradise

The Coconut Beach Bungalows located on (yeah, you guessed it) Coconut beach is a lovely, rustic place in paradise.

The bungalows are on stilts with beautiful views across the bay.

There is no internet here. No TV. No phone signal.

You really get away from it all. In fact, you only have power from 6pm to 12pm and you can’t easily reach any other place on the island. This is a place for relaxing, slowing down and enjoying your surroundings.

It is run by Robbie and his lovely family. They have a dog and two cats. Robbie gets all the guests involved in games and communal dinners. You instantly feel a part of the family.

The beach has beautiful white sand and runs along a crescent bay. the sea was perfectly flat and beautifully turquoise. That is apart from a couple of days when the weather turned and it got pretty gusty!

This lovely bay won’t stay like this forever.There is already a new development being built further along the beach. But, for now it is an isolated paradise you must visit.

If you come to Cambodia you must visit Koh Rong. And if you visit Koh Rong, there is no other place to stay that the Coconut Beach Bungalows.

Our Scores

Atmosphere 100
Style 80
Cleanliness 80
Staff 100
Price 90
Location 100
Overall 92
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