Blue Corner Hotel

Room at the Blue Corner Hotel in Phnom Penh

The Blue Corner Hotel

Rough around the edges, but a comfortable quiet spot.

The Blue Corner Hotel in Phnom Penh is quiet and comfortable in a typically frantic Asian city. It has a small but lovely pool set on ground floor level in its garden.

The rooms are bright and airy, with a mid-spec finish. They have a mini bar, safe, kettle with free tea and coffee as well as international satellite TV.

However, the room was not as clean as it should have been. Under the bed was particularly dirty.

Despite this, having originally booked for two nights we extended as we felt comfortable here. We were paying around £23 a night, which is pretty pricey, but pretty good value when you consider the pool.

We have been to Phnom Penh a number of times now and stayed at a few different places, none of which measure favourably against the Blue Corner. It’s well located, close to Street 51 and a 15 minute walk to the palace.

Overall, despite the rough edges the Blue Corner Hotel gets a thumbs up from us.

Our Scores

Atmosphere 80
Style 80
Cleanliness 60
Staff 75
Price 75
Location 75
Overall 74.
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  • Room at the Blue Corner Hotel in Phnom Penh
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