Nha Trang Inn

nha tran inn

Nha Trang Inn

Decent, cheap accommodation

The Nha Trang Inn is centrally located and excellent value for money at £9 a night for a large double (it has two double beds so could could take 4 people) with TV and a large but basic bathroom.

It’s basic, no frills but gives you somewhere to sleep for little outlay. You are 5 minutes from the beach and a host of restaurants (try the Mix greek restaurant which is amazing) and bars on your doorstep.

We only stayed one night, opting to get the first bus to Dalat the next day. This was in no way a reflection on the hotel but was really tied to Nha Trang, a resort more suited for 2 week holiday Russians than backpackers.

The hotel is clean and the owners are fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Breakfast is not included (they do not serve it) but there are plenty of local options.

If you do visit Nha Trang, you’d do a lot worse than staying at the Nha Trang Inn.

Our Scores

Atmosphere 65
Style 60
Cleanliness 85
Staff 90
Price 100
Location 100
nha tran inn
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