Hotel Kim

Hotel Kim in Saigon

A little weird, but pretty good value

Hotel Kim is just off the main backpacker street in Saigon. A good location if you want to be amongst the hustle and bustle that goes on around there.

We however found the area to be a bit dirty and seedy. We aren’t 18 anymore and want more than just boozy buckets and cheap pizza.

The hotel is weird. It’s run by a family and most of the reception duties are carried out by the young sisters. Nobody was rude as such, but they weren’t exactly welcoming.

When we arrived they said there was an issue with our room and that we could upgrade for a special discounted price. As they were saying this a fellow guest heard and said they had done the same with him. Although not sure, it felt like a bit of a scam. We took the position they should give us the upgrade without the additional price, which they did. We ended up paying $23 a night.

The room was clean and a good size. It had cable TV and a comfy bed. The bathroom was small and I think it had the worlds smallest bath in it. This was the only thing I remembered to take a photo of.

Hotel Kim is a good spot for a couple of days in Saigon. No more than that though.

Our Scores

Atmosphere 25
Style 50
Cleanliness 85
Staff 65
Price 75
Location 65
Overall 61
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