Getting Married

Can we do it again?!?!

Getting Married

What an amazing day.

Its funny. The thing is, that having spent 9 months planning, worrying, forgetting, getting excited, getting scared, getting excited again and making decisions about things you had never even thought of before that by the time the day arrives we just wanted it done! Getting married is one hell of a logistical project!

But, once the ceremony began, all we wanted was to slow down time and make it last forever. Upwaltham Barns looked great, the weather did us proud, booze was drunk, strong men competed and kids collected toys.

There was even a cheeky crowd surf.

Everyone who came made the day special and we both have memories that will last forever. Seeing and hearing people have a great time was wonderful and if only we could find a way to do it all over again!

Thank you to all of you who came, supported and gave us gifts we could never have hoped for.

It simply could have been no better.

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