A tale of two Cities: Singapore & Hong Kong

5th November 2015

We arrived in Singapore welcomed by a thick grey smog across the city. Apparently this happens every year, mostly for the month of October. It’s caused by Indonesian farmers burning crops and effects much of this part of South East Asia, Indonesia included.

This year it is particularly bad and rather than lasting the usual month it has over previous years, the Singapore locals are expecting to have to put up with this until January. It’s a real shame to be honest and did put a bit of a damper on Singapore. We haven’t left the UK to be surrounded by thick grey clouds!

Sea Mist

Anyway, Singapore is the most expensive city in the world and we decided to get an Airbnb which was a very small, but comfortable studio in Little India. Our hosts were great, very welcoming and informative and even gave us face masks to counter the smog.

Singapore is very western, comfortable and safe. There are parts we enjoyed such as Club Street, the Gardens by the Bay and Boat Quay, but to be honest there isn’t much more to do beyond eating and shopping. A few days was plenty.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore - Backpacker Honeymoon

Julie looking pretty

There is however a large expat community and the low taxes, prominence of multinationals and a high quality lifestyle you can see why but to be honest I think it’ll get pretty boring after a while though.

If I was to describe Singapore in one word I’d say it is ‘reserved’.

Hong Kong on the other hand is a little bit different. Hong Kong is a city of excess.

We came to visit Matt and Dave, friends who have lived in Hong Kong for a few years now. We timed it perfectly to coincide with Matt’s flatmate Big Dave’s 30th birthday and of course Halloween.

These two factors had a big impact on the Hong Kong we saw…

The entire city seems to go mad for Halloween and we were no different. Julie and I sported Day of the Dead costumes, Matt and Dave opted for Mario & Luigi whilst Big Dave went for the Shark.

Getting ready to go out

Getting ready to go out

Make up started to smudge...

Make up started to smudge…

But, to be honest, there isn’t much more I can tell you about Hong Kong. We were either in Matt’s flat recovering from the night before and eating takeaways or sat in the the pub.


Both of which were great of course although do not make for great photos.

Instead, here’s a link to the main attractions so you can see as much as we did!

Anyway, all of Matt and Dave’s friends made us feel really welcome (especially Big Dave for letting us spend so much time in his flat!) and they clearly have a great set-up in Hong Kong and it was a lot of fun.

imageMassive Dave

Big Dave's 30th

Big Dave’s 30th

And it was great to meet Alison and Braden, a couple from Canada who have moved to Hong Kong and are writing an excellent blog sharing what the impact moving to the other side of the world can have on a newly wed couple! Take a look for some insights into the intricacies of being an expat in Hong Kong. Hopefully we will meet up with them again when they run half marathons (mental!) in Siem Reap next month! We’ll be cheering rather than running ourselves!

Anyway, it was a great weekend but I’m not going to lie, by the time we got on our flight to Vietnam we were broken and I don’t think we’ll be having a beer for a while.

Salads & clean living from now on.

Working Boys

Working Boys


  1. Comment by Alison

    Alison Reply 6th November 2015 at 7:36 am

    Lovely to meet you both, and really enjoying YOUR blog. So glad we got a chance to connect and look forward to following your adventures.To clarify, Braden is the crazy one running the half marathon in Cambodia; I’m wimping out with a 10km run and won’t even apologize. A half marathon is crazy, especially in the heat! A robust cheering section will help tonnes 🙂 Hope it works to meet up in Siem Reap!
    Happy travels,
    Alison & Braden

  2. Comment by Emma

    Emma Reply 9th November 2015 at 3:19 pm

    My cousin is living in Singapore at the moment and says the smog is a nightmare! Love HK though x

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