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Meeting Mates in Sydney

Our stay in Sydney was short. Too short in fact. After our experience in Borneo, visiting friends in Australia was exactly what we were looking for. We had always intended to stay in Australia for around a month and travel the country, but having overstayed and over-spent in Asia 10 days in Sydney would be […]

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In The Philippines, They Put Grandma Up Front

Leaving the UK in October and getting to the Philippines in January seemed a lot further than four months away. There was so much travelling to do before then and the prospect of Laura coming out from home to visit us just didn’t seem like it would actually happen. Of course the time flew by […]

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impossibles beach

Bali Bali

I find it tough summarising our time with friends in a blog post. I thinks its because a huge amount of the enjoyment comes from just being with them rather than doing anything in particular. And that doesn’t really make for good reading. Bali, or as Amber prefers to call it ‘Bali Bali’ is is […]

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Fishermen on An Bang beach - Backpacker Honeymoon

The An Bang Gang

This is a story about people rather than places. Unlike the chaos of Hanoi and the let down of Hue, Hoi An far exceeded expectations. Yes it’s a nice place, the town is pretty and the beach is great. But it was the people we met that shaped our experiences here. I’ll start at the […]

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Transitioning in Dubai

After a few too many goodbye beers on Wednesday we managed to make our flight with minutes to spare. Nothing like a bit of risk to get the trip off to the perfect start! The flight was pretty tricky nursing the sort of hangovers Julie and I had packed ourselves and we were well chuffed […]

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