Transitioning in Dubai

3rd October 2015

After a few too many goodbye beers on Wednesday we managed to make our flight with minutes to spare. Nothing like a bit of risk to get the trip off to the perfect start!

The flight was pretty tricky nursing the sort of hangovers Julie and I had packed ourselves and we were well chuffed we decided to turn the connecting flight in Dubai into a couple of nights stop-over.


It was nice to meet up with Big Dave on Friday night following a bit of emergency shopping so I could lose a couple of Kilos from my rucksack.

.151003 Dubai Big Dave

I have been banging on at Julie for a long time now encouraging her to pack light only to completely ignore my advice and pack an absolute ton. I have managed to shed a few kilos by losing some clothes, unnecessary electronics and getting Javid to take some of my heavier things back to the UK.

What a hero.

On Saturday we met up with Javid, Helen and Mia for a lovely day with family over beers and mezze.


Oliver helped us massively back at home and for this we cannot be thankful. You are a legend mate.

Now it’s time to pack, and get ready to head off to Sri Lanka. Where the real travelling starts.

Just the small matter of England Vs Australia first.

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