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16th October 2015

Ella is a small village cut into the side of a mountain. There is basically one main street, a train station and numerous guest houses, hotels and restaurants serving the large tourist population that visits.

Its popularity is really down to the spectacular landscape. To the west of the village you have two waterfalls, Ella’s rock – a substantial peak many climb – and lush untouched jungle forest that benefits from the high levels of rain common in this area.

Head east and you find the mountains covered in tea estates with immaculate, orderly rows of bright green tea bushes interrupted only by the ladies working the land and picking the leaves.

Basically it’s pretty beautiful up here and easy to understand why everyone loves it. There are plenty of relaxing walks and more strenuous hikes you can do. And we didn’t do any! We were knackered from our trip to World’s End and we felt massively lazy. So we basically relaxed, had a few beers and some nice food.

On our first night we stayed at a place called Ella Hedge Hut. It is basically a tree house that has one of the best views we have ever seen. Unfortunately the rest of the stay was pretty horrible and despite the view, we got out of their first thing the next day and looked to find alternative digs.

A view of Ella Gap

A view of Ella Gap

We found a place, Cool Mount Resort. It’s on the east side, amongst a tea estate. The grow their own vegetables and cooked us an outstanding beetroot curry. The food there was amazing. Until we got there we didn’t actually realise just how far out it was. It was miles away from Ella, isolated down its own road. Probably a bit too isolated if we are honest, but the place was stunning, hosts very welcoming and we were able to relax there throughout the day.

Which was a good job because not long after our arrival, a huge swathe of cloud came in (we were high enough to be actually in it) and it bloody rained – for most of the day. It did brighten up later and we were treated to some interesting cloud formations but it felt pretty chilly and we hadn’t come out here for that. So we decided, this was the last day we will spend in the hills and it was time to head to the beach.
Tomorrow morning we would catch a bus to the Tangelle…

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    Joe Reply 16th October 2015 at 10:01 am

    Wow, that view!

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